Keynote Speaker: Bill Reed


We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker this year is Bill Reed of Regenesis Group. He will be speaking at our conference opening, as well as conducting a 3 hour workshop for our attendees. We hope you’ll take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

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Bill Reed

Bill is an internationally recognized pioneer, practitioner, teacher, and authority in integrative systems design, sustainability, and regenerative community planning and implementation. Bill is a principal in Regenesis and The Place Fund – organizations working to lift human activities into full integration and evolution with living systems. His work centers on creating and implementing a whole and living-systems engagement and design process; realizing exponential value to the qualities of life within projects, communities, and their ecosystem.

An author of technical articles and contributor to many books on green design he is also a co-author of the seminal work, “Integrative Design Guide to Green Building.” He is a founding Board of Director of the US Green Building Council, a co-developer of the LEED Green Building Rating System, and is considered one of the leading thinkers and explorers in this field, Bill has consulted on hundreds of green design commissions and regenerative development engagements. He frequently speaks at major planning, building, and design events as well as guest-lectures at universities throughout Europe and North America including Harvard, Yale, University of British Columbia, Universidad Iberoamericana, MIT, Princeton and UPenn.

Regenesis GroupPartnering people and their places to regenerate ecosystems and the human spirit.

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About The Workshop


Regenerative Development and Design

Healing the earth in 18 months?

It’s a stretch – but possible.

Gregory Bateson said, “The major problems of the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think.”

Western culture is trying to solve gigantic and existential issues with the same technically oriented mind that created them: working on fragmented problems, in silos of activities, addressing them in a generic way, and at an impossible-to-manage planetary scale. Nature doesn’t work this way. Living entities are not generic. Every alive entity, person, or place asks that we approach it individually and support its unique potential and inherent capability.

Life works as a self-organizing, whole, dynamic system and in unique ecological niches that respond to the geology, climate, habitat, and social systems who are capable of honoring these interrelationships. “Massive change” (Mau) requires us to change who we are and how we understand and interact with each place and each other. It is our ‘way of being’ has got us into our current crisis, and it is our way of being that will get us out of it.

This may sound wildly idealistic and impractical, but the experience of developers and institutions who work this way is just the opposite.

Bill Reed will take us through some case studies, principles, and process frameworks that are the basis for the practice of Regenerative Development and Design. These have been proven to invite significant transformation by aligning and healing/‘wholing’ human-to-human and human-to-nature relationships.